"Who the hell is Bucky?"

"Who the hell is Bucky?"

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               J U S T  A  K I D  F R O M  B R O O K L Y N


Believe it or not, it’s kinda hard to find someone with shared life experiences.




The little progress the pair had made over the last few months –– sharing a home, talking about the past, helping one another get through the storm that was their lives now –– was completely absent from the Bucky that stood above him. Steve knew that, of course. That wouldn’t stop him from trying to get his pal back. Because Bucky was worth it every time.

You can’t be serious right now. C’mon pal, its Steve, remember?

What more was there to do but talk him down? Steve slowly rose to his feet, holding his hands out to show he was unarmed. He’d done it before after all. Bucky had been hell bent on killing Steve, on completing his mission, but he’d remembered Steve and he’s saved him. There was always something in there that came back when it was meant to.

This isn’t you talkin’, Buck. You know me. ‘til the end of the line –– remember?

Bucky’s body visibly tensed as Steve rose to his feet, his gaze falling to the man’s empty palms. Evidently he was weaponless and somewhat injured, at least temporarily… But the soldier had also left himself vulnerable, trapped between stairs and the captain. 

Barnes’ thoughts were cut short by the words leaving the blonde’s mouth. His steely expression finally broke, his eyebrows knitting to a confused frown above somewhat vacant eyes. “Steve?” He muttered, cautiously taking a single step down towards him. Rogers’ final line had sent a flurry of hazy memories through the soldier’s head and his breathing quickened, chest rising rapidly as he attempted to catch his breath. The confused whirlwind of memories attacking his mind was leaving him dizzy, one hand extending to steady himself on the bannister of the stairs.

"I… You’re my mission," The brunette asserted, although his voice was laced with doubt. His eyes fixed on the captain, frown heavy across his brow and jaw clenched. Each movement was cautious and calculated, as if preparing to strike or counter-strike at any given moment.

brokenxsoldier inquired:

"If anyone asks, you fell down the stairs."


He stared up at his best friend in shock. Of course, Bucky hadn’t been his best friend in a while –– not the same guy he had been. No, he was still very much the winter soldier at times when he was having an episode. PTSD they called it. Apparently Steve had it to, just not as bad as Buck had it.

But here he was at the bottom of the stairs, having let his guard down briefly and been pushed by his best pal. He hadn’t had time to catch his balance from the sharp shove that had ended with his head cracking loudly against the door at the bottom. Steve didn’t swear lightly but a curse might have left his lips as he probed his head and looked up into the face of the fella he’d grown up with.

What the hell Bucky!?
Fell down the stairs –– was he kidding!?

The anxiety and fear had risen in his chest, before the flickering flashbacks had invaded his vision. Sweat beaded on his forehead as his chest tightened and, palms extended, he’d shoved the captain down the stairs of their shared home. 

Now standing a few steps above the blonde’s landing place, Bucky’s expression registered little more than mild confusion. The violent memories of his past were still warring within his mind, flicking conflicted images of Steve Rogers behind his eyes. Was this man a friend or a foe? His memories simultaneously told him both, something that filled the soldier with anxiety and stress. Bucky’s chest remained tight as Rogers spoke, even his name being spoken aloud by the man seemed nonsensical. 

The brunette’s hands remained clenched in fists, his eyes locked on the crumpled man at the bottom of the stairs. “Did I stutter?” He asked sharply, not a hint of remorse present in his voice. 


Dressed in a suit with a brutal passions snakes. - Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Alexander pierce, Bucky) by noonrema

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